Radimage Health Care India Pvt. Ltd.

Patient Positioning System

The company is a chief Manufacturer, Exporter and Supplier of Patient Positioning System. The Patient Positioning System is designed to help, support and immobilize patients treated for carcinoma of the breast. The Patient Positioning System provides comfortable support, reduction in material costs and setup time, better accuracy and reproducibility. The usual patient position during breast/Chest wall irradiation is supine with the arm on the involved side (ipsilateral) raised to facilitate tangential fields across the chest without irradiating the arm. A thermoplastic sheet can be used to re-position the breast in the desired position and to moe the contra lateral breast father from the radiation beam.

  • Available in different variants to suit treatment and budget needs :
    • Acrylic or Wood board with Nylon mesh
    • Acrylic or Wood board with Carbon Fiber Grid treatment panels
    • Full Carbon Fiber board
  • Standard support accessories includes 5 – 10 – 15 – 20 elevation wedges, adjustable upper and lower arm supports, round head rest, hip-pad and support handles for thermoplastic sheet
  • Acrylic Breast Board with CF Grid treatment panels