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Klarity MR Safe Positioning Products

Klarity MR Safe Positioning Products

Klarity supplies a full range of MR Safe baseplates which comply with the carbon fiber baseplates. Klarity MR Safe baseplates are made from composite material of fiberglass and kevlar.


Range :

  • Baseplates
  • Masks
  • Vacuum Cushions
  • Accucushions


Brand Name Klarity
Size 86.4cm (Length) x 44.5cm (Width) x 26.7cm (Max Height)
Elevation Wedges 10/20/30
Also available CT Compatible

Technical Specifications

Item Item No.
For CT or Linac MR Safe
Klarity SBRT System R62400 R62400‐GF
Prone Pelvis/Belly System R620‐ACF2 R620‐AGF2
Cadet AIO Base plate R612‐NCF R612‐NGF
OptekTM Overlay Board R630‐3SCF R630‐3SGF
Klarity Wingboard R632‐BTCF R632‐BTGF
Leg Positioner R634‐LCF R634‐LGF
Indexing Bar RE‐630E RE‐630EGF

  • MR-SBRT-R62400-3GF

  • Cadet AIO Baseplate R612-NGF

  • Indexing Bar RE-7BGF

  • Klarity Wingboard R632-BTGF

  • Leg Positioner R634-LGF

  • Movable Kneefix Set R612-L

  • Optek Overlay Board w hand grips R630-3SGF

  • Prone Pelvis Belly System R620-AGF2

  • SBRT Board GF-2200×530